David Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

With 25 years of hospitality experience,  Dave is leading partnership and business growth for Book Me Bob.


Andy Dharmani

Chief Technology Officer

A passionate technologist, ensuring AI is put to use for the success and growth of hospitality businesses.


Chris Shotton

Customer Success Manager

Bringing extensive hospitality experience and customer centric approach, Chris ensures success for clients.

Book Me Bob Leadership Team  


Etienne Muñoz

Directeur France

Etienne is leading the growth of Book Me Bob in Europe. Etienne brings extensive hospitality and business development experience in his home turf Europe. 

Jody photo.png

Jody Dickinson

Commercial Manager, New Zealand

Jody is growing the New Zealand and Australian markets for Book Me Bob. Jody has an extensive network through opening, branding, and hotel acquisitions in the past.



Hotel Booking Assistant


Bob's Personal Details

  • I was born in July 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • I'm a native English speaker and learning other languages, including Mandarin.

  • I don't have a physical address. I live on your website.

Skills & Qualities

  • I'm always learning

  • I have a can-do attitude

  • I'm extremely tolerant

  • I'm persuasive

  • I remember everything said to me

  • I'm friendly and professional

  • I'm well informed about the hotels I work with

  • I'm friends with popular booking engines and property management systems


  • I'm on phones, tablets, and desktops

  • I don't sleep or take breaks; I'm always available.

  • I'm on the hotels' website, welcoming every visitor.

Key Roles

  • I determine the needs of website visitors and advise them on the most well-suited rooms and rates.

  • I answer any question a visitor might have about the property.

  • I book rooms instantly when a customer gives me their go-ahead.


My trainers are experienced professionals from the hospitality and IT industries. Collectively, they have decades of experience in customer service, artificial intelligence, conversation design, software development and revenue management.