How do I sign up?

Contact us. We’ll ask you for a few basic details, and have you set up on our dashboard. Then you’re in.

Do you have a trial plan I can use?

Book a demo and we will be able to discuss a trial plan while showing you the amazing features of Book Me Bob and how it can help your business.

What features do I get when using Book Me Bob?

Features depend on the plan you choose and below is snapshot:

  • Works for a single property or a large group of hotels and resorts

  • 1000’s of answers pre-built for the hotel domain, so that your chatbot will understand the customers better

  • Embed your chatbot in your website. You can choose your own colours and style

  • Add a chatbot to your existing property's Facebook and messenger page

  • An option to choose from a number of avatars, a one that matches your brand, or supply your own.

  • Insights and metrics into what your website visitors are asking for

  • Email notification when someone leaves a message with your chatbot and manage ticket workflow in Book Me Bob's Dashboard

  • Show your rooms and features to the people on your website and Facebook page

  • Redirect to your existing booking page for availability, rates, and booking

  • Create and promote rate plans, specials and add-ons

  • Offer discounts within the chatbot

  • Multi-user access to Book Me Bob Dashboard

  • Email, chat and phone support

Do I need to know how to code?

True = false


Joke for the coders there. The answer is no.


It’s easy to use our platform; you do not need any IT skills or Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge. Answer information about your hotel, and leave the rest to Bob. It is recommended that you give the answers a personal touch with text, images, and links.

You will even start with sample responses and just edit the text.

Do Book Me Bob chatbots work on all devices?

The hotel Chatbot looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Is there a setup fee?

You can choose to set up a Bob Me Bob chatbot yourself or we can assist you with that. The setup fee usually applies if you need help from the Book Me Bob onboarding team or one of our partners. 

Is my data safe?

We run Book Me Bob on Microsoft Azure and use security and privacy best practices. The Azure cloud infrastructure is designed to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the world.

As well as the security features built into the Azure cloud service, we have:

  • Encryption for all data transfer on our platform

  • Security protocols where we work

  • Security and compliance best practices in place

What can I do with my data once it’s collected?

You can see all your conversations in the Book Me Bob Dashboard along with reports. 

I have more questions

Contact us and we'll be happy to answer all of your queries.