A new technology to improve customer service & drive engagement 



AI chatbots 

Studies show that by the end of 2021, 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents and 37% of people will use a customer service bot to get a quick answer in an emergency. 


Previous versions of “chatbots” have left the hospitality industry reluctant to embrace this technology. Developments over the past years in the artificial intelligence field have seen the emergence of true AI chatbots. This new technology coupled with the global pandemic has enabled hotels to “stay open” with the chatbot handling guest enquiries, taking reservations and answering any one of 50,000 pre-programmed questions so that the customer truly believes they are talking to a human. 


The question we always ask is, what can this do for my business? Here are the top 5 reasons to embrace the AI chatbot evolution:


  • It will save you time: countless hours answering the phone or replying to emails with basic customer questions. An AI chatbot will take these questions off your plate by automating the responses. Spend time on strategy making money not on questions about the opening hours of your restaurant. 

  • Customers expect & will demand it: over 41 million messages are sent every minute around the world and customers now expect businesses to be as attentive as ever in the instant message space. 55% of customers are more likely to do business with companies that answer enquiries immediately. Make the first impression a positive one for your customers. 

  • Increase conversion: chatbots work 24/7 365 days a year and are online when you cannot be. They will engage guests and help provide all the necessary information with speed, efficiency and precision and to help them convert their enquiry into a reservation resulting in more revenue. 

  • Low cost & easily trackable: investment in new technology can often mean large capital outlays and/or difficulty in measuring the return on investment. AI chatbots offer a low cost to entry, usually on a fixed monthly fee dependant on your property size meaning no large setup fees. Dashboards in the backend will show the man hours saved by customer interactions so measuring the ROI could not be simpler. 

  • Specialised for hospitality: these AI chatbots are now being purpose built for hotels. Book My Bob has been created by hoteliers for hoteliers and seamlessly integrates, meaning you don’t need a degree in IT to install it. Fully customisable to your brand requirements and you can even customise and name your bot to align with your company.