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The AI chatbot to automate communication for Campgrounds and RV Parks

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Empowering campgrounds and RV parks to create a customer experience that delights

Reach out to prospective campers proactively using gentle but effective nudges

  • Engage prospective guests across multiple communication channels

  • Personalization with awareness of first-time and return website visitors


Grow your margins with Book Me Bob

More direct bookings

Book Me Bob Chatbot works 24/7 and responds to all of your online enquiries instantly, and encourages customers to confirm a booking.

Staff wellness

Reduce the stress on your staff by letting the Chatbot answer online enquiries on your website & social media, leaving staff to spend more time looking after the camper needs.

Always learning AI

Book Me Bob Chatbot is continuously retrained with new data from multiple accommodation providers, making it smarter with every new question asked by the guest.

Campground language

Book Me Bob team is made up of 90% hospitality professionals. We've been there, and have put in all of our collective experience, building and training the best Chatbot for our hospitality colleagues.

How Book Me Bob works on your digital channels

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Meet the campers where they are

Book Me Bob Chatbot engages, nurtures, converts, and supports your campers across the most commonly used messaging channels. This includes your website, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Welcome campers with proactive WhatsApp messages

Send high-performing WhatsApp campaigns to offer guests add-on's and the pre Check-In information. 

The campaigns will prepare campers for arrival and reduce the time your staff have to spend checking them in.

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Suggest the most suited cabins and sites, personalised for every search

Book Me Bob Chatbot guides campers to the sites and cabins they are likely interested in, helping them find and book what they want more efficiently.


This drives more direct conversion for the camping ground!

Clear handoff to staff with Live Chat capabilities

Book Me Bob ensures there’s a seamless handoff when a human touch is necessary, flagging agents when to step in.


Your team can focus on leads and unique questions, while the Book Me Bob AI takes care of the rest.

Live Chat by Book Me Bob
Automated ticket routing by Book Me Bob

Automated ticket routing 

When a camper sends a request for an event/ conference enquiries, add-on's or booking changes, Book Me Bob automatically creates a ticket based on the guest enquiry, and then routes the request to the right person on your team for actioning.

Make sense of it all with actionable insights

Analyze, monitor and act based on what your guests need.


The Book Me Bob dashboard provides unique insights for Revenue Managers, Operations, Digital Marketing leaders as well the the General Manager.

Insights by Book Me Bob

Ready to learn more?

Sign-up today, and let Book Me Bob Chatbot start engaging every camper on your website and save you time.

If you want to learn more, chat with us and we’ll be happy to organise a demo for you.

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