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Become a Book Me Bob Partner

A flexible, relationship-based program provides the tools and support you need to promote & implement the Book Me Bob chatbot for hotels

Joining our program means being part of a team. It takes more than a great product to succeed, which means we rely on our partners just as much as they rely on us. Whether you’re looking to create new revenue opportunities with your existing clients, acquire new clients, or build out great conversational experiences using our product, we’ve got the tools and support you need to make it happen.

Find your fit

We assume everyone has their own strengths, which is why our program is based on capabilities and contributions. Complement your current offering by promoting the Book Me Bob chatbot and helping accommodation providers with the chatbot setup.

For partners who want to promote Book Me Bob to the accommodation providers. You might already have a trusted relationship with hotels and want to promote the additional product that will help them boost sales, save costs and provide a great customer experience. You’ll get access to product training, go-to-market assets, and the ability to earn commissions.

Affiliate Partner

Solution Partner

Some accommodation providers set up their newly appointed chatbot 

themselves while others rely on the expertise of the Book Me Bob team and our partners. Solution partners get all the benefits of the Affiliate Partner and additionally help accommodation providers with the setup, which usually means additional setup fee revenue share. 

Integration Partner

Book Me Bob seamlessly integrates with a number of Property Management Systems, Channel Managers, and Payment Gateways. This partner ecosystem is very important to us so that we can help accommodation providers engage guests and equip them for a quick booking.

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