About Bob


Bob is an artificial intelligence chatbot that resides on your hotel website. Bob’s primary function is to automate the answering of your customer questions 365/24/7 leading to reduced human contact saving you time and money.


Bob is compatible with Facebook messenger and has learnt to answer over 20,000 questions to date.


Bob also has the ability to facilitate a transaction and payment within the bot window, driving conversation in a safe and secure booking environment.


Bob can be customised to match your brand and offers access to comprehensive data that can be used for operational & marketing purposes to improve your guest experience.



Hotel Booking Assistant


Bob's Resume

Career Objective

  • To save you time and money by answering all your guests questions on your behalf

  • To make you money by completing bookings instantly and accepting payments securely

Personal Details

  • Born in July 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Native English speaker and learning other languages, including Mandarin

  • No physical address, lives on your website


  • Photographic memory - recalls all your property information, features and policies

  • Always learning

  • Understands when to delegate - will handover a chat to human colleague as needed

  • Works well with others - integrates with your PMS and CRS


  • Available 24/7, doesn't sleep or take breaks

  • Works across phones, tablets, and desktop

  • Resides on the hotels' website, welcoming every visitor.


  • Trained by experienced professionals from the hospitality and IT industries.

  • Educated in customer service, artificial intelligence, conversation design, software development and revenue management.